About Us

Our Story

For over 30 years, we’ve been pressing, blending and infusing real fruit juices with freshly picked flowers and aromatic spices, perfecting our range of mouth-watering cordials and lightly sparkling pressés. When we started out in 1984, we were the only people making elderflower cordial commercially. Since then, our range has grown a lot, but we’re still making our elderflower to the original family recipe – and it continues to be our biggest seller.

One in five people are teetotal all year round. To help pubs and bars make the most of this growing trend we’ve developed a range of naturally lovely soft drinks – so there's always something on the menu for everyone.

Our Drinks

We don’t use any artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives or sweeteners – just masses of flowers handpicked from our own trees, freshly pressed fruit juices and aromatic spices – so our drinks taste as deliciously pure and natural as the ingredients we use.


Packed with fresh, fruity flavours, a little of our cordials goes a long way. Dilute them 1:10 and serve as a delicious long drink, try them in cocktails and mocktails, or use as a creative ingredient in desserts.


Our delicious pressés are brimming over with lovely flavours that have been expertly blended with lightly sparkling spring water for a refreshing and uplifting soft drink. We also have a range of ‘Light’ pressés with 30% less sugar, for those watching their sugar intake.
Available in 75cl and 25cl bottles, and 330ml cans.

Belvoir with food

There’s much more to food and drink pairing than just wine, and our drinks make a wonderful match with many a meal. We have worked with Gill Meller – renowned food writer and head chef at River Cottage – to find the best food pairings for our pressés, taking into consideration things like acidity and sweetness, to make sure that both parts of a meal bring out the best in each other.

Wine without the hangover

With increasing numbers of people looking for a great alternative to wine, we created a range of delicious, non-alcoholic wines. Our Shiraz, Chardonnay and Rosé have all the flavour, aroma and look of vino – but without the sore head in the morning!

The Perfect Serve Pressé

Every good bartender knows how important it is to get all the elements of a drink right, from temperature to glass shape – and that’s as true for soft drinks as it is for wines and cocktails. Take a look at our video to see how to pour the perfect glass of Belvoir, to keep people coming back for more: